Pescara VS Empoli, away can maintain its unbeaten record

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    Pescara VS Empoli, away can maintain its unbeaten record
    Match analysis:

    Pescara entered soccer tips into upgrade play-offs last season but its pity that finally they unsuccessful upgrade. In this season, they back a lot and have felt to middle and lower place in league now. Fortunately, they are 5 points higher than relegation zone that they without too much pressure. And they are rebound in recent two home games.


    Empoli belonged to Italian Serie A, but due to its terrible performance that they ranked third last place in league and directly downgraded to Italian Serie B. In this season, they perform quite well that they are 5 points away from upgrade zone. Even they have strong will to grab points. Unfortunately, the team's recent form has shown signs of slipping, they already no win in three games of Italian Serie B and lost one of these three game.

    Odd analysis:

    In historical confrontations, Pescara records 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses in recent ten confrontations with Empoli that they are disadvantage in mentality. What's more, Pescara lost three of four games in recent four games. free soccer tips The handicap odd is Empoli-0 which reality to reflect the gap of two teams' strength. I think Empoli can maintain its unbeaten record.

    Pescara VS Empoli


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